Urban Farm Design

Urban Farm Design: Growth Industry
Studio M MERGE plants the seeds of growth.

From beekeepers in Brooklyn to growing tomatoes in West Oakland, the Urban Farm is a grass roots movement that combines an increasing realization of the importance of eating healthy food, a drive toward sustainable self-sufficiency along with a desire to connect to the natural world.

When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, the landscape architects at Studio M MERGE are ready to help. We design urban farms and city gardens that turn vacant lots or your backyard into growth opportunities. Studio M MERGE combines residential landscape design, landscape architecture and playground design to bring the farm-to-table movement home.

We have defined our work within the movement into two types: Urban Farms and Edible Gardens.

studio M MERGE Urban Farms: A Plot to Take Over Food Production

Studio M MERGE works with cities, local planning boards, and neighborhoods to transform unused properties into thriving sites for food production. Studio M MERGE designs farms that combine, vegetables, fruit and herbs as well as chickens, bees, rabbits, and in some cases, goats, ducks and turkeys.

Before Studio M MERGE designs an urban farm, we consider its implications on the neighborhood. We plan for issues such as noise, smell, water quality and drainage. Because planning and zoning regulations for urban farms differ from city to city and are constantly in flux, Studio M MERGE provides research services to determine the rules and regulations and best practices for the client’s urban farm goals.

studio M MERGE Edible Gardens: Connect to Your Roots

A Studio M MERGE edible garden becomes an integral part of your home landscape design, producing beauty along with a steady supply of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Edible gardens typically include raised or in-ground vegetable and herb beds, berry patches, and fruit trees. In addition to designing your edible garden, studio M will provide you with the resources and education to ensure that you will produce healthy food for seasons to come.

studio M MERGE Focus on Edible Gardens

  • Residential Edible Gardens and Urban Farms
  • Community Edible Garden Design
  • Non-Profit Edible Garden Design
  • Preschool and K-12 Edible Gardens

studio M MERGE Edible Garden Design Services

  • Property Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Design
  • Homeowner, Student and Teacher Workshops
  • Permitting
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Seasonal Planting Plans

We would love to discuss your project with you.